Gheorghe FUNAR
Parliamentary activity in legislature 2004-2008

Constituency no.13 CLUJ
start of the mandate: 17 february 2004 - HS nr.57/2004

Member of the Standing Bureau
parliamentary session:feb. - sep. 2006 - Secretary
 feb. - sep. 2007 - Quaestor

Political party:
PRM-Great Romania Party

Parliamentary group:
Parliamentary group of the Great Romania Party  Leader - until feb. 2006
   Leader - since sep. 2006
 - until feb. 2007
   Leader - since sep. 2007
 - until feb. 2008

Standing committees
(since dec. 2008) - Chairperson
(since feb. 2006)
(until dec. 2008)

Inquiry committees - joint

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with Federal Republic of Germany  Secretary
 Friendship parliamentary group with Brazil  Secretary
 Friendship parliamentary group with Ukraine 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of India 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Korea 
 Friendship parliamentary group with People's Republic of China